Vodafone Billing Options Overview: Prepaid and Billing

If you plan on purchasing a device, or using an existing device on the Vodafone network, you will need to select a billing plan. The company does offer several different service plans, allowing customers to select a plan that fits within their budget. But they do go one step further in allowing customers to choose from either prepaid service or billed service. Consider the following before making your selection.

Prepaid service is for those who would prefer not to agree to the terms and conditions of a contract. Prepaid Vodafone service allows for tight control over costs, and since the service is paid for in advance, it is not possible to exceed plan limits. If your credit score is low, “pay as you go” service presents an option for receiving service that might not otherwise be available for plans and devices that require a credit check. The only drawback is that free and discounted device upgrades will not be available.

Billed service still requires that you select a monthly usage plan. The billed amount can vary, based upon actual usage. Agreeing to a yearly contract typically means that you will be provided with a current device at little or no cost, and upgrades may be provided at little or no cost as well, periodically. Lower prices may be offered in some cases, but prepaid prices are comparable. Vodafone customer service is the same for both billed and prepaid customers, so there should be no concerns about this when choosing between the two.

Whether you opt for billing or choose to prepay, there will be the choice between capped usage or unlimited service. If you use your device a lot, and will not have it connected to Wi-Fi (relying instead on the Vodafone network for connection), then an unlimited service plan may be the way to go. The cost is of course higher, but these plans can help you to avoid unexpected overage costs. For all others, plans with limits may be perfectly suitable for how you call, text, and access the internet from your devices.

Vodafone provides plenty of billing options to all of its customers. The basic choices include prepaid or billing, and limited or unlimited. It is possible to compare all of the available devices and service plans online. Additionally, one can call Vodafone at any time and speak with an agent who can provide detailed information about the current rates and plan availability.